Flowing Water Tattoos and Water Animals

TattooBlast Tattoo Mega Pack Water Tattoo Preview

Although the term Water Tattoos can sometimes be used to talk about temporary tattoos the Water Tattoos we have on this page are all about real ink and getting it put into instead of just sticking it on your skin.

Water Tattoos can cover all number of things given all the type of creatures and creepy crawlies that live in water. The nicer of the water creatures are goldfish and dolphins and whales but then at the other end of the spectrum we have crocodiles and alligators and snakes.

The type of water tattoo design you choose and what animal it has in it, if any, is going to depend on what type of meaning you are going for, do you want cute and sweet, like a nice gold fish in water tattoo or do you want a fierce crocodile or killer whale swimming in water. It all comes down to why you are getting your tattoo...

red, black and gold koi in water tattoo with floating lilly pads

Koi in Water Tattoo

  swirling water tattoo with wave creasts and froth

Swirling Water Tattoo

  three killer whales in the one water tattoo with a purple sky and stunning blue water

Killer Whale Water Tattoo


More Water Tattoos:

red and pink goldshif with really long fins with water bubbles tattoo

Goldfish Tattoo Design

  red, black, pink, red and purple goldfish water tattoo flash sheet

Goldfish Tattoo Flash

  a purple and pink crocodile in water tattoo with skull bones as well

Crocodile Water Tattoo Design


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