Traditional Koi and Japanese Water Tattoos

Japanese Water Tattoos in the TattooBlast Tattoo Mega Pack

Are you on the hunt for a traditional koi swimming in water Japanese Water Tattoo?

We have lots of Koi on offer here as well as a simple water and wave Japanese Water Tattoo design and how can you forget the snake.

Before you can decide on whether or not you really want to get a water tat you need to understand all the different meanings of the various Japanese Water Tattoos.

Are you looking for a cute or angry Koi?

Do you want a water tat as it represents the eternal flow of life?

Or are you after some fierce snake action?

What ever your reasons are for looking at getting a Japanese water tat in the first place make sure you really really know it is the right tat for you cause you don't want to have to go through the pain and expense of getting it taken off.

a lovely japanes water tattoo with two waves and a japanese katakana character in the background

Japanese Wave Water Tattoo

  a black and red snake swimming through water tattoo with lots of japanese style waves braking

Snake in Water Tattoo Design

  a gold and black koi swimming in a deep blue japanese water tattoo complete with wiskers

Koi in Deep Blue Water


More Japanese Water Tattoos:

an angry looking golden koi with white eyes and a little scrole for a japanese character

Japanese Golden Koi

  a japanese koi swimming in water tattoo with waves a foam and flowers

Koi in Japanese Tattoo

  a big white red and black koi splashing in japanese water tattoo

Koi in Wave Water Tattoo


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