A Fresh Collection In Our Female Tattoo Gallery

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Are you looking for a nice collection of female tattoos in your search for your new tattoo?

If so then our Female Tattoo Gallery is a place you need to checkout.

To start the collection we have two nice shapely anime style women, if you are looking for a tough but sexy woman image than these are the two you need to be checking out. In the first one she has a nice tight white top, thin bare sexy midriff, followed by an equally tight pair of green and blue pants and to top it all off a nice shinny gun.

And if you are looking for some real tattoos on real skin then we have those too, we have three nice examples of nice female tattoos, the first one is a running tribal tiger design, followed by a portrait of Freda and then a cute little butterfly design.

To finish it all off we have a little homage to Coop, who has been doing voluptuous female tattoos since Adam was a boy. This pic is a fun little tattoo parlor setup with a signature Coop woman parading around in the nude with what is inferred to be a fresh tattoo of a cigar toting devil, with the devil sitting in the background smoking the very same cigar.

coop at his best, female tattoo of the devil on her ass in a tattoo parlor

COOP Tattoo Design

  anime style girld in female tattoo gallery

Female Tattoo with a Gun

  photo of real female with a tribal tattoo design

Tribal Female Tattoo


More Female Tattoo Gallery:

anime style girl undressing, female tattoo in gallery

Standing Female Tattoo Design

  real female tattoo photo with a tattoo portrait of Frida

Freda Female Tattoo

  a cute little female lower back tattoo design with a butterfly

Lower Back Female Tattoo


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