Intricate and Detailed Celtic Design Tattoos for All

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Stunningly intricate and detailed Celtic Design Tattoos abound here at TattooBlast. We have all the favorites here, Celtic crosses, interwoven circle designs, interwoven square motifs as well as some more unique designs such as the nearly mirror image interwoven animal motif.

And how could we not mentions the great armband Celtic Design Tattoo which has had a touch of color added two it with three circular red rubies running through the centerline of the design. So no matter what type of Celtic tattoo you are after you are sure to find some exciting inspiration here at TattooBlast.

a blue and gray stone celtic design tattoo

Blue Celtic Cross Tattoo Design

  a very intricate circular woven celtic tattoo design

Interwoven Celtic Cross Tattoo

  a circular celtic tattoo design with two opposing mythical creatures

Celtic Animal Tattoo Design


More Celtic Design Tattoos:

a square interwoven celtic design tattoo in back and white

Square Interwoven Celtic Tattoo Design

  a simple interwoven celtic tattoo design

Celtic Tattoo Design

  an interwoven tattoo design celtic with three red rubies for color

Celtic Armband Tattoo Design


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