Three Dots Tattoos


Three Dots Tattoos, What Do They Mean?

A tattoo of three dots in a triangle, usually found on the skin between the thumb and forefinger, stands for "mi vida loca" ("my crazy life"). Along with the pachuco cross, it is a popular "generic" tattoo among Hispanic teenagers. It is sometimes worn as a Sureņo (gang) symbol, as a tattoo between thumb and forefinger is believed to be harder to remove (Norteņos, an opposing gang, use 4 dots). Often, though, teenagers will wear it just as a matter of style, with no gang involvement whatsoever. The tattoo has also been taken up by Vietnamese teenagers, along with the similar interpretation of "toi khong can gica" ("I don't need anything").

This is also popular in German prisons among current and former convicts as a symbol of their time done behind bars. Generally it implies the person does not know or has not seen or heard anything and has therefore no information for the police. This tattoo also usually appears on the skin between the thumb and forefinger. Also for some groups it means 'I hate cops'.

The three dots in a triangle are also used as a protective symbol for hobos, sailors, and convicts, known as "hobo dots." Among sailors it's a traditional tattoo to get on their first voyage.

The three dots in a triangle are also used widely in the southeast region of Turkey as a symbol of being one of the tribesmen. The three dot symbol is known as "Gormem, Duymam, Soylemem" meaning that "I hear nothing, I see nothing and I tell nothing". Bearing this mark is an oath to the person's own society, and requires great responsibility such as being willing to sacrifice himself in favor of the society.


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