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The History Of This Sublime Paradox

A hundred years ago, and you would have been very hard pressed to find anyone wearing a Christian tattoo design. As a part of history, tattoos have been most often frowned upon by not only the Christian clergy, but also the Jewish and Muslim faiths. Because of a Bible verse tucked into the book of Leviticus which states (in the new Message translation written to modern language):

  Lev 19:28 "Don't gash your bodies on behalf of the dead. Don't tattoo yourselves. I      am GOD.”

…the art itself was forbidden to the followers of the faith and has only recently been reclaimed by the younger men and women of America and across the whole face of the earth.

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The History of the Christian Tattoo Designs

Despite the protestations of parents, preachers, teachers and bosses decrying the practice of getting any tattoos, even Christian themed ones, the modern youth seem to have reclaimed this ancient art and use it to worship God, Jesus and or the Holy Spirit. And while Christians still face dirty looks and a loss of credibility with some folk simply because they have tattoo, that’s nothing compared with the displeasure that their tattoos would have cause decades, centuries and millennia ago.

However, there is historical documentation of Christian inspired tattoos dating as far back as the late 5th Century. Then, a man by the name as Manim, had the following phrase tattooed on his thigh: “Manim, the disciple of Jesus Christ”. Half of a century later, Procopious of Caesarea reported that several Christians of the later half of the 6th century wore tattoos of crosses or Christ’s name on their arms. Later, in 787, at the Council of Calcuth in Northumberland, a report of the Papal legates mentioned two different tattoos. The first were tattoos given in honor of pagan superstitions, and were forbidden to be worn among Christians. The later were tattoos worn or given for the sake of God, and for these were mentioned certain, unspecified heavenly rewards for the wearers.

During the Crusades, Crusader knights were often tattooed with a picture of a small cross design on their hands or arms to show that they desired a Christian burial. Also around this time, people embarking on holy pilgrimages to the Holy Land and other distant places would often get a tattoo during their absence in an attempt to prove that their claims of a pilgrimage were true.

When it comes to modern Christian tattoo, it can most likely be traced back to the times of the counterculture movement of the 60’s and 70’s. While sex, drugs, and rock and roll were waging a war against Christian culture, devoted Christians emerged who wanted to claim back lost Christian territory. One of the ways that they did this was to reclaim the practice of tattoo for God and Jesus, by getting tattoos that were inspired by Christian and religious symbols and images.

cross, religious, heart, hearts

cross, religious, heart, hearts

cross, religious, halo, crosses

Popular Tattoo Designs Among Christians Today

Despite the opposition that young tattooed Christians faced from parents and ministers, it seems that their diligence has paid off. No longer are tattoos so widely viewed as evil, pagan proofs. As a matter of fact, Christians today have several logical justifications for their tattoos.

  • Christians claim a freedom from the words of Leviticus based on the freedom from the Law that came through Christ’s atonement of our sins. This is a fact mentioned by the apostle Paul numerous times throughout the New Testament.
  • In a humorous line found on the website of the Christian Tattoo Association said: “You shall not…tattoo any marks on you…” obviously means don’t do it yourself, see a professional.
  • Another popular argument for Christian tattoo refers to the mention that our bodies are the temples of God. If this is so, then Christian tattoos are serving in place of stained glass windows and frescoes.
  • Finally, supporters for Christian tattoo refer often to the Book of Revelation to several references that could translate to Jesus wearing marks like a tattoo, and us receiving the marks of our new names, and the seal of God.

If you’re looking for inspiration for a Christian inspired tattoo design, here is a gallery of symbols that have played a big part in the Christian faith.

  • The Cross: Available in several different designs and variation, crosses have become a favorite among Christians with tattoo. In addition, many of the separate denominations of Protestant Christians have their own church emblem or seal which contains a cross.
  • The Peacock: The peacock was used as an early symbol of the resurrection by Christians in history. Each time the peacock sheds his feathers, the new feathers far surpass the old ones in their beauty.
  • The Lily: This flower design often appears in connection with the Easter season and has come to symbolize immortality and eternal life.
  • The Phoenix: This mythical bird, whose life cycle was a constant series of fiery death and rebirth from the ashes, was also a popular Christian sign for the resurrection.
  • Wheat Heads (generally three of them): This design represented the Bread of Life.
  • The Pelican: This water bird became a symbol of atonement to early Christians because it was believed that pelicans would draw blood from their own breast in order to feed their young.
  • The Palm Leaf: While alluding to Jesus’ greeting and worship upon his arrival into Jerusalem for his final Passover, the Palm Leaf is also a symbol of heavenly reward.
  • The Shepherd: Often drawn with the Shepherd carrying a lamb over his shoulders, this image served as a reminder of Jesus’ loving care as our heavenly shepherd.
  • The Triquetra: Easier to understand when illustrated, this geometrical design is composed of one continuous line that creates 3 equal arcs (each arc generally triangular in design) with was used to explain eternity in a continuous form, and the indivisibility of the Trinity.
  • Nimbuses: Also known as halos, nimbuses are often used in conjunction with pictures of Jesus, Mary, the apostles, saints and martyrs.
  • I.N.R.I.: This Latin inscription appeared on the head of the cross and says “Jesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum, or “Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews”.
  • The Ship: Showing an image of a ship sailing through rough and stormy sees, this tattoo design speaks of the churches ability to sail unscathed through all perils and still remain alive and well.
  • The Lamp: Often depicted as the typical oil lamp you associate with genies, the lamp signifies the Word of God.
  • Fish: Everyone has seen the Christian fish, on cars, arms, legs, back, mailboxes, business signs – it shows up every where. Early Christians used it to identify one another by one person drawing an arched line in the sand with a stick or toe. If the other person was a believer, they would complete the design. The fish was used for this reason because in Greek, the first letter in their translation of “Jesus Christ, God’s Son, Savior” spells out the Greek word for fish (ICTHUS).
  • The Candlestick: An image that proclaims to the world that you follow Jesus, “the Light of the World”.
  • The Dove: Associated with God’s spirit resting on Jesus during his baptism, the dove is now generally associated with the Holy Spirit of the Trinity.
  • 3 Intertwining Circles: If you’re looking for a Christian symbol to incorporate into a tribal or Celtic tattoo design, this just might do this trick. These three equal sized interwoven circles symbolize equality, unity and the co-eternal nature of the 3 persons of the Godhood.
cross, religious, flower, crosses

angel, religious, feminine, angels

cross, religious, flower, rose

Other popular Christian designs include the image of the crown and the cross; a bunch of grapes (which symbolizes communion); a burning torch (“let your light so shine among men”); the crown of thorns and the butterfly, whose mystical metamorphosis has been used time and time again to represent the falling away of the Old Man and the birth and flourishing of the New Man (or Woman).

There is no end to the number and scope of the designs that can be used in Christian tattoos, and the selection of places to put them are nearly as great. The most important thing is to listen to your heart, and go where the Spirit leads you.

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