Armband Tattoos and Tattoo Designs

Wether you choose celtic dragons, or tribal flowers, the armband tattoo is a classic choice.

Armband tattoo designs are inarguably one of the most popular tattoo designs around. You see them wherever you look – in urban realms and rural hideouts, on CEO’s and bikers, on young women and old men. Whether hidden beneath a sleeve or proudly displayed at the beach, an armband is a classic choice for a tattoo. Sometimes art that is designed to be an armband gets modified and becomes a wrist-band or maybe an ankle-band.

tribal, arm band

flower, rose, feminine, red

tribal, lower back, heart, feminine

Why are armband tattoos so popular?

For a lot of people, armbands make a great first tattoo. Even though it’s a common choice, the wide variety of available designs ensures that you can make yours very unique and personal. No matter what you picture for your armband tattoo, you will find all kinds of tattoo designs including intricate Celtic knots, Organic tribal patters, Hawaiian theme bands and feather motifs. Some people choose a feminine band of vines with flowers while others prefer the masculine barbwire, thorns or flames. Dragons and snakes are also great designs for an armband tattoo as they can encircle the entire arm. No matter what you choose for your own arm, an armband is a bold choice for your personal tattoo gallery.

flower, feminine, delicate, pretty

tribal, dragon, armband, arm band

tribal, arm band

How to choose the armband tattoo design for you?

Armbands are a favorite first for tattoo “virgins”, but whoever you are, and whatever you like there is an armband tattoo design out there just perfect for you. It’s simply a matter of finding it. And by asking yourself the simple questions below, you’ll just be that much closer to making up your mind.

  • Is there a tattoo design style that you’re particularly infatuated with? There are those who will only sport tattoos of one style or type, tribal or Celtic, for example. Others have turned themselves into a virtual gallery, with different styles & themes and colors & symbols. If asked, each would have rich stories explaining their meaning and significance. The point is, despite what history, myth and legend say regarding “authentic” meanings, tattoo is a very personal art, and each piece has it own special importance to its bearer. There are no wrong answers.
  • Are you willing to mix things up? Do you feel free to create your own armband tattoo design? If so, you can even mix different styles together to create your own unique tattoo design. An armband with intricate, angular Celtic knotting highlighting a tribal horse as the centerpiece. Or, an incredibly feminine Celestial fingernail-moon surrounded by a soft and sexy twist on the super masculine barbwire. In all reality, the possibilities are endless.
  • Are you looking for a feminine, masculine or gender neutral armband design? Even if you’re absolutely certain that you’ll be getting a feminine design (or vice versa), don’t completely ignore some of the more masculine armband designs. Often, you can find your own, unique design by looking at pictures, styles and symbols outside of your comfort zone. Feel free to explore your options.
  • Do you have a special kinship with any particular animal? Whether the animal is real or fantastical, a bug or a horse, magical or mundane, the fact remains that since time began, mankind’s special regard and relationship with creatures and beasts has never been temporary. Some did, and indeed still do, believe that each person has their own special totem animal guardian, and sometimes even more than one. Are you obsessed with frogs, fascinated by dragons, captivated by tigers, or bemused by butterflies. If so, you may wish to incorporate this animal into your armband design.
tribal, arm band

tribal, lower back, feminine, arm band

tribal, lower back, feminine, moons

Armband tattoo designs can make for a great tattoo. No matter whether this is your first tattoo or your hundredth, An armband looks good on men or women, young or old. Armband tattoos are like personal jewelry you wear in, rather then on, your skin.

flower, feminine, sweet, cute

tribal, colorful, arm band

lower back, tiki, tiki gods, polynesian

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