Tattoo Symbols

Japanese Tattoo Symbols

Who wants to get some ideas and see some examples of Japanese tattoo symbols as well as Chinese tattoo symbols. These Asian letters/character tattoo's seem to be so hot right now you see them everywhere. Not a weekend goes by without seeing a guy or chick wearing a spanking new tattoo with some groovy Asian symbols on their arm or any appropriate body part.

They seem to have taken off in popularity and everyone seems to be asking for them. So what we did was setup a couple of special tattoo galleries to specialize in both Chinese and Japanese symbols. Contained within these two galleries we have some great examples of both.

  the name Abe in Chinese characters and symbols

Chinese Tattoo Symbols

  angry Polynesian tattoo mask design

Polynesian Tattoo's

  intricate irezumi shoulder and pec tattoo with a flying dragon

Japanese Tattoo Symbols

Chinese Or Japanese Characters?

If you are wanting to get a tattoo made up of Chinese or Japanese characters it is important that you get the text/characters from a source you can trust. Who has not seen that article about the young guy who got a tat of his name don't in Chinese characters as a spur of the moment thing only to find out a few weeks after he has got it done that it did not really mean his name is meant something much nastier.

Chinese Tattoo Symbols

So the moral of the stories is if you are going for a Chinese tattoo symbols tat or a Japanese one get it from someone you trust.

Another important thing is to understand all of the meanings of the word you are wanting to get. You might ask someone to give you the Chinese or Japanese translation of 'Sexy Thing' for instance but an important step of the research part of getting your tattoo is to then ask a few people, once you have a written copy of the tat you want, to translate the word back into English and ask them for all the possible meanings of the word, no matter how obscure.

Tattoo Symbols

You will be surprised how many different things the one Chinese or Japanese word can mean in English and it is even more important that you know before you get your tat what all those different meanings are.

  blazing red star with a ribbon across its face

Star Tattoo's

  mirror face cross with two roses

Cross / Crosse Tattoo's

pretty butterfly in pink and purple tattoo  

Butterfly Color Tattoo Flash

Funky lower back colored flash 

Lower Back Flash

  striking strong back tribal design

Tribal Flash

  full back tattoo design with a wizard riding a dragon

Full Back Designs

  funky red and orange heart with fold frame

Heart Colored Tattoo Flash

  bold shoulder tattoo with of a candelabra full of candles

Shoulder Tattoo's

  sexy blue angel tattoo design with shining halo

Angel Tattoo's

  curvy angel wings with a nice little halo

Angel Wings Tattoo's

  intricate Celtic cross on a circular disc

Celtic Tattoo's

  blazing hot yellow sun with a stern face art

Color Tattoo Flash Art

  Pretty Flower with lovely red petals and bejeweled stem

Color Flower Flash

  gorgeous fairy with wings spread and a flower garland

Fairy Tattoo Flash

  man faced crescent moon in blue and yellow with white ribbon

Moon Tattoo's

  flying dragon with fiery red eyes

Color Dragon Tattoo Flash

  angry clown flash with jester hat with steely baubles

Clown Tattoo's

  artistic flying bird with food in its beak

Bird Tattoo's

  respectful religious tattoo design of praying hands with a radiant yellow background

Religious Tattoo's

devil girl dressed as a cheer leader

Devil Girl Tattoo's  

  each of the zodiac symbols tattoo flash design

Zodiac Tattoo Flash


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