flying dragon with fiery red eyes

Color Dragon Tattoo Flash

  blazing hot yellow sun with a stern face art

Sun Tattoo Flash Art

pretty butterfly in pink and purple tattoo  

Butterfly Color Tattoo Flash

Free Tattoo Art

Free tattoo art is what you will find here at TattooBlast, lots of tattoo art for you to checkout.

I think that in its self raises a useful question in relation to tattoo's and art:

Are Tat's Really Art?

There are many opinions, positions and answers in relation to this intriguing question.

What is the basis of art? What is it that qualifies something for the title of 'Art?'

  sexy blue angel tattoo design with shining halo

Angel Free Tattoo Art

  intricate irezumi shoulder and pec tattoo with a flying dragon

Japanese Free Tattoo Art

Funky lower back colored flash art 

Lower Back Tattoo Art

  intricate Celtic cross on a circular disc

Celtic Tattoo's

  blazing red star with a ribbon across its face

Star Tattoo's

  curvy angel wings with a nice little halo

Angel Wings Tattoo's

Free Tattoo Flash Art

Art really when you boil it down is about someone expressing something, be it an idea or feeling or emotion or a more complex and intellectual statement Then of course there is the question of whether an creation can be called art if it is created to be produced a number of time on different peoples bodies or whether it can only really be called art if there is only one of it and never any more. And then of course whether free tattoo flash art is really qualified to be called art.

The answering of the question I leave to you the reader.

  bold shoulder tattoo with of a candelabra full of candles

Shoulder Tattoo's

  mirror face cross with two roses art

Cross / Crosse Tattoo's

  man faced crescent moon in blue and yellow with white ribbon

Moon Tattoo's

  angry clown flash with jester hat with steely baubles

Clown Tattoo's

  gorgeous fairy with wings spread and a flower garland

Fairy Tattoo's

  striking strong back tribal design

Tribal Tattoo's

  artistic flying bird with food in its beak

Bird Tattoo's

  full back tattoo design with a wizard riding a dragon

Back Tattoo's

  the name Abe in Chinese characters

Chinese Tattoo's

  angry Polynesian tattoo mask design

Polynesian Tattoo Flash

  respectful religious tattoo design of praying hands with a radiant yellow background

Religious Tattoo ART

devil girl dressed as a cheer leader

Devil Girl Tattoo's  

  Pretty Flower with lovely red petals and bejeweled stem

Flower Tattoo's

  each of the zodiac symbols tattoo flash design

Zodiac Tattoo's

  funky red and orange heart with fold frame art

Heart Tattoo's

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