My Blogs now with tattoo_xml

Blogs have become more and more popular over the last couple of years but particularly over the last four to five months and even more so now with tattoo_xml.

This rapid proliferation of blogs has inspired us to start blogs on the popular blog sites such as My Space and Blogger so that people who like what they find on can keep up to date with the latest changes to the site and recently we have added the extra functionality of tattoo xml.

We often create blog entries when a new site is added, such as a tattoo gallery, tattoo design or tattoo pictures, so people who are search through the blogs can find the latest info on our site.

We are constantly searching the net looking for good tattoo and tattoo design articles.

When we find a good one we will get the authors permission to put it on our website, so you can enjoy it

We then post it up on our website and will usually so a blog entry with an excerpt from the article along with a link to the full article on out website so you can slick straight from the blog to the full article

If you like what you find here on TattooBlast and on our blogs make sure you subscribe to our blog on your favorite service. Be it Blogger or My Space or Xanga.

If you like the world of tattoo's and tattoo designs then do check-out our blogs and keep up with date with tattoo_xml.

Here are the links to the Blogs we update on a regular basis:

Our new BlogSpot Blog

Our My Space Blog

Our Xanga Blog

Our original BlogSpot Blog

Our My Space Profile

Our LiveJournal Blog

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